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B-3000 Infant Incubator
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B-3000 Infant Incubator


●Servo Control Mode: air temperature, skintemperature, display humidity;

● Parameter Displaying: set temperature,air temperature, skin temperature, internal humidity, heat power rate;

● Audible & Visual Alarms: powerfailure, sensor failure, higher & lower temp, air & skin temperature override,fan failure, system failure;

● >37℃Preset Mode: power failure reset memory, alarm silence, keypad lock, self-testfunction;

● Hood with dual slope; 6 hand-ports;

● RS-232 Output Connector (use for networksystem);

●IV poles;

●Protective guard rail;

●Storage cabinets.

Specifications of hood

Mattressto Hood: 450 mm

Observationside of hood: Two incline

Operateport: 6 (2 Iris ports)

Tubinggrommets: 4

Frontaccess panel: 826×310 mm

MattressTray Size: 630×360 mm

Technical Specifications:    

Powerrequirement ≤400VA

Temperaturecontrol mode: Air and skin servo control

AirTemp Control Range: 20℃~37℃

Temperatureoverride mode to: 20℃~39℃

SkinTemp Control Range: 30℃~37℃

Temperatureoverride mode to: 30℃~38℃

Skintemp sensor accuracy: ≤0.3℃

Humiditydisplay range: 5%~99%

Temperaturefluctuation: ≤0.5℃

Mattresstemperature uniformity: ≤0.8℃

Temperaturerise time: ≤45 min

Noiselevel within hood environment: ≤55dB


Powerfailure alarm        

Fanfailure alarm

Sensorfailure alarm

Highair temperature alarm: +3.0℃

Low airtemperature alarm: -3.0℃

Highskin temperature alarm: +1.0℃

Lowskin temperature alarm: -1.0℃

Overair temperature alarm: ≤38.0℃; ≤40.0℃

Overskin temperature alarm: ≤38.0℃; ≤39.0℃

Systemfailure alarm  

Alarmsilence function

Operational condition  

Environmenttemperature: +20℃~+30℃

Environmentrelative humidity: 5%~99%

Environmentair velocity of flow: <0.3m/s


Infantbed tilt adjusting  ±10° step-less

Mattresstray Max. load  10kg

Transfusionpole Max. load   2kg

CabinetMax. load  6kg