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autoflex maX - MALDI-TOF MS power for in-depth polymer analysis | Bruker
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autoflex maX

The autoflex maX MALDI systems are built with our proven technological innovations and designed to be a powerful tool for scientists, analytical chemists, and researchers around the world. Since the launch of our first commercially available MALDI-TOF MS system, the REFLEX, in 1992, we have continually worked to improve the analytical performance and capabilities of our flex family of MALDI TOF and TOF/TOF instruments. The early adopters of MALDI technology might never have imagined that enzymatic digests for identification via Peptide Mass Fingerprinting might lead way to LC-free, turn-key identity screens for the QC of complex biotherapeutics, with clear results (using our Biopharma Compass software) in less than 15 minutes, or that profiling of glycan pools can be used to rapidly visualize different mAb batches. Sequence fidelity can be confirmed in a flash with MS/MS analyses, and the low sample consumption of the smartbeam II laser of the autoflex maX supports analytical depth, even for very complex samples.