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ALVO® Ultra V-bot  disinfecting robotALVO® Ultra V-bot  disinfecting robotALVO® Ultra V-bot  disinfecting robotALVO® Ultra V-bot  disinfecting robot
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ALVO® Ultra V-bot disinfecting robot

ALVO® Ultra V-bot is a device for bio-decontamination using UV-C light, with proven technology to reduce biological contamination. The technology used in it monitors and adjusts the disinfection process to ensure the most optimal results in reducing surface contamination. 

ALVO® Ultra V-bot system consists of a mobile platform and 12 UV lamps on the platform. Its dimensions are: 787 x 646 x 1690 mm. Two fixed wheels Ø215 mm with tread enable to overcome doorstep. The swivel wheel Ø125 mm allows the robot to be turned on the spot. Stainless steel handrail is used for manual manoeuvring of the robot. Built-in sensors prevent the robot from unwanted collisions with obstacles.

ALVO® Ultra V-bot is equipped with sensors and a scanner which creates a virtual map of the scanned area. After the room is mapped, the operator indicates in the user application the zones (points) that the robot should reach to perform decontamination. The process of decontamination is activated by an operator remotely from a tablet after he safely exits the room (communication is performed via Wi-Fi). Thanks to the safety system and autonomous navigation, the ALVO® Ultra V-bot detects objects to avoid collision with any equipment it would meet on the way and safely moves around the scanned environment. The way this robot works is unique because the UV-C light reaches the level of wheels keeping them constantly disinfected. After each decontamination, the robot generates an automatic electronic report which helps to monitor and optimize the process

ALVO® Ultra V-bot is a decontamination solution for hospital facilities as well as all vital public spaces: concert halls, schools, production plants, sports centers, shopping malls, laboratories, etc.