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Aktif X-Ray Protection Products and Accessories

The use of lead/leadree radiation protection aprons is highly essential for human health in any field requiring radiological examinations, regardless of the x-ray dose. X-Ray protection aprons are strictly obligatory for instituions related to protective equipment directive in every country at the licence stage of radiological imaging centers. Depending on the nature of service performed, clothes and equipment such as lead aprons, gonad/ovary shields, lead screen, thyroid collars, lead glasses etc. must be provided in radiation areas, x-ray imaging centers  and cardiology units. In addition, radiographic examinations are among the diagnostic methods which are frequently used in dental clinics. The x-ray amount increases as the field of application varies. Digital technology of the recent years allows for use of low-dose ray in sensors. Nevertheless, protection is required for the personel serving at clinics where raiography is often required, and for patients who are sensitive to x-ray. X-ray blocking aprons must be used for this purpose.