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Adult Incontinence

We can tailor-make your unique adult diaper, you may choose different features, packaging, absorption or any combination to create your own product.  In the followings, we will help you know more the structure and features of adult diaper.

First of all, we will introduce the standard diaper dimensions correspond to the size we normally made.










Secondly, let’s have a look the basic features of a adult diaper.
The simplest adult diaper must have the below features.

1. Hydrophilic Top Sheet
2. Absorption Core
3. Water Proof Layer
4. Closure System

The features 1 – 4 in the left side are only the basic features. You can add more features to make your diaper more premium.

5. Anti-Leak Leg Cuff
6. Acquisition Diffusion Layer (ADL)
7. Elastic Waist Band
8. Wetness Indicator

Therefore, you can choose the features 1 – 8 to create your own adult diaper. We will then describe the functions and types in details below for each feature. Because there are many different types of raw materials in each feature.

1. Hydrophilic Top Sheet

It is a non woven with Hydrophilic treatment, which have strong affinity with water.

It enables to have quick absorption of water from the surface.

It acts like a bridge between the surface and the core.

It provides the soft touching to the skin.

2. Absorption Core

It is the main component of absorbing liquid. It combined by mixing of SAP and virgin wood pulp.

Our long term SAP partners are Sumitomo from Japan and BASF from Germany.

Our long term virgin wood pulp partners are Weyerhaeuser and International Paper from USA.

Double Core enables to concentrate the absorption in the middle of the core.

3 water channels enhance the absorption speed.

You may change the amount and ratio of SAP and wood pulp to alter the absorption performance.

3. Water Proof Layer

The raw material is Polyethylene (PE).

It prevents the leakage from the bottom of the diaper.

It can be divided into 2 classes, ‘breathable’ and ‘non breathable’. The breathable PE enable the air go thru the water proof layer while non breathable PE cannot.

The breathable PE is softer and have a non woven layer outside, it results a cloth touch of the diaper.

The non breathable PE is also soft but the appearance is plastic only.

Both types can be printed with color logo.

4. Closure System

1 complete closure system contains 2 components which are Frontal Tape and Side Tapes.

Closure system can be divided into 2 types, PP and velcro.

The sticky side tapes stick on the PP frontal tape by adhesive, and the velcro side tapes can stick on the frontal tape by hook and loop combination.

Both types are refastenable for many times, but the performance and appearance of velcro is better than PP.

5. Anti-Leak Leg Cuff

It is a non woven with Hydrophobic treatment, which repel water.

It enables to avoid water passing through.

It acts like a anti-leak barrier and retain the water in the core.

6. Acquisition Diffusion Layer

It is a layer of thick and cross-linked non woven.

It helps to diffuse the water to the top and bottom of the diaper core.

It helps to keep dry surface instantly after absorption.

It is located between the Top Sheet and the Absorption Core.

7. Elastic Waist Band

It is highly elastic material.

It makes the diaper fit to baby bottom.

It prevents the back leakage.

8. Wetness Indicator

Yellow lines will instantly turn blue if the diaper is wetted.

We also have adult diaper with belt, it is called T shaped or Sumo Type. The belt can be replaced with different length to fit different waist size. It is highly breathable, cheaper in cost and it can achieve huge waist size diaper.