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Adult CPR Training Manikin (Bluetooth Wireless)
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Adult CPR Training Manikin (Bluetooth Wireless)

Implement standard: AHA(American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC


1.Accurate anatomical features, realistic feeling, natural complexion, and perfect appearance

2. Manikin automatically connects to the electronic monitor via bluetooth

3. Manikin vital signs:

1) Initial state: manikin’s pupil mydriasis and no carotid pulse

2)After successful rescue: manikin’s pupil recover, and carotid pulse begin self-pulsation

4. Manikin’s left shoulder supports consciousness judgement, and the result can be printed on the report after operation

5. Simulate airway opening, and the relative green light on the monitor will be triggered once the airway is open.

6. CPR operating modes: CPR Training, CPR Popularization and CPRAssessment:

7. Electronic monitoring: the electronic lights monitor the airway opening, compression sites (including one correct position and

four wrong positions), times of correct and wrong artificial respiration and external chest compression.

8. Bar code shows the volume of insufflation: correct value should be 500 - 600ml.

1) insufficient blowing, the bar code is yellow,

2) proper blowing, the bar code is green,

3) excessive blowing, the bar code is red.

Bar code shows the compression depth: correct value should be 5cm - 6cm.

1) Insufficient compression depth, the bar code is yellow,

2) proper compression depth, the bar code is green,

3) excessive compression depth, the bar code is red.

9. English voices prompts during the whole process and the volume is adjustable.

10. Compression frequency: 100-120 times/minute

11. Remote control can be used to reset, playback and simulate emergency call, pulse check, forerign body removal and

breathing judgement, etc.

12. Power state: 220V external power source can be used for both manikin and electronic monitor.