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Laica spa

Viale del Lavoro n. 10 - Fraz. Ponte
36021 Barbarano Mossano (VI) VI

LAICA Health and Wellness

LAICA offers a complete range of medical devices and wellness products for family use. Since 1974 LAICA is a well-recognized Italian brand, renewed for the quality of its medical products and for the efficacy of its water treatment systems.

Exhibited At: 

NE3003 - Nebulizer with microcompressor

Nasal shower

ANE052 - Nasal shower Accessory for LAICA piston nebulisers

Piston nebulizer

NE3001 - MINI Piston nebulizer

NE2013 - Piston nebuliser for aerosol therapy

Piston nebuliser

NE2012 - Piston nebuliser for aerosol therapy

Piston Nebuliser

NE2003 - Piston Nebuliser


NE1001 - Ultrasonic nebuliser for aerosol therapy


MD6026 - Ultrasonic Nebuliser

Electronic personal scale

PS1066 - Electronic personal scale

Electronic personal scale

PS1067 Electronic personal scale


PS5012 - Electronic body composition scale

water filtration

GermSTOP Filter

MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter

MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter

water filtration

MicroplastikSTOP filtration