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BioAir Spa

Via Figino 20/22
20016 Pero MI

The experience of BioAir Spa in manufacturing Biohazard and Laminar Air Flow cabinets goes back to the early 70s', when the brand Gelaire® became the “gold standard” for airborne contamination control in many laboratories throughout the world.

A family of Recirculating Fume Hoods, based on the adsorption of toxic vapors by means of charcoal filters, was successfully introduced a few years later, thus characterizing the Company as the only one really focused on the protection of the operators and inspired by its motto.

This unique know-how was cherished and brought to an even higher level of quality twenty-five years later, when under the name of BioAir®, the entire range was completely re-designed to meet the growing requirements of the laboratory staff and the most stringent regulations.

At the top of the range, particularly noteworthy are the Biohazard (or Microbiological Safety) Cabinets, representing the sum of the Company’s know-how certified to European standards (EN12469:2000)  and complying with the Australian regulations; in other words, they are designed to provide the technicians with the maximum level of safety, when they are used according to GLP/GMP in their respective environments.

Today, in a plant occupying more than 2.800 square meters, BioAir Spa manufactures a complete range of microbiological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets and fume cupboards, encompassing more than 15 models, with many of them available in different sizes; customized models and/or designed for specific applications can be produced thanks to the competence of a team of skilled engineers and dedicated workers.

The experience deriving from decades of sales and support to Cell Biologists, allowed BioAir Spa to bring into the market an extremely innovative CO2 Incubator, the Safegrow Pro, which is the result of a deep knowledge of the best conditions required by the most critical tissue culture methods, supported by the suggestions received from the scientists involved in growing cells in vitro.

The core business of the recently established BioAir® Industrial Team is the design, manufacturing and validation of customized equipment for the protection of the operator and of the product within pharmaceutical and healthcare production facilities.   

This dedicated team will take advantage of the long experience and the production capacity acquired through laboratory LAF applications, to offer dedicated and complex equipment, ranging from dispensing/sampling Downflow Booths and Clean Rooms, to RABS and Isolators for Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Cell Therapy.

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