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Urine Container

RIA Vials

Heparin Tube

PT Tube

Glucose Tube

ESR Tube

Plain Tube

Clot Activator Tube


Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Buffer Bottles

Prefill Dropper For Single Rapid Test

Disposable Dropper

Diagnostic Test Cassette

Buffer Bottles

Interphase Chromosome Profiling – High Resolution

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Scissors - Our masterpieces for open surgery

Biological Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet



In Vitro Diagnostics Service

Molecular Diagnostic Service

Histo Biocore II MG Tru Cut Biopsy Needles

Biocore II MG Tru Cut Biopsy Needles

AGDCliniPak - Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Electrolyte Analyzer/ Electrolyte Analyser

Electrolyte Analyzer EL-120

EL-120 Electrolyte Analyzer

EL-120 Electrolyte Analyzer

ASB300 + Fan Cooling | Astell UK

ASB300 front loading autoclave + Fan Cooling 

Astell top loading autoclave

95 - 135 Litre Top Loading Autoclave

600 Litre Square Max Chamber Autoclave | Astell UK

600 Litre Square Max Chamber Autoclave 

33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave | Astell UK

33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave 

33 - 63 Litre Compact Benchtop Duaclave | Astell UK

33 - 63 Litre Compact Benchtop Duaclave

120 - 153 Litre Duaclave Autoclave Range | Astell UK

120 - 153 Litre Duaclave Autoclave Range

Anatomic Pathology - CGC Genetics

Anatomic Pathology

Interphase Chromosome Profiling - Acrocentric

Interphase Chromosome Profiling – Standard Resolution

Multiplex Interphase Chromosome Profiling – Pre/Post-natal

Multiplex Interphase Chromosome Profiling – Multiple Myeloma

Multiplex Interphase Chromosome Profiling – Acute Lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)

Cell Culture Products


Hemo Control Hemoglobin Analyzer

Hemo Control Hemoglobin Analyzer