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AGDCliniPak - Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Cost-effective Epithod®616

EL-120 Electrolyte Analyzer

EL-120 Electrolyte Analyzer

Hematology Reagents

Reagents for Hematology Analyzers

Your Trusted Partner in Diagnostics

Diatron Hematology Reagents – Diatron

Hematology Reagents

Diatron Aquila - Complete Blood Count Versatility

Diatron Aquila

Multiplex Interphase Chromosome Profiling – Multiple Myeloma

Multiplex Interphase Chromosome Profiling – Acute Lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)

Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2 uses patented electromagnetic induction heating. This technology is credited with saving thousands of lives globally by infusing warm blood and fluid into patients experiencing massive blood loss. The exceptional air removal features help keep your patient safe from air embolism. The RI-2 offers a larger display screen and multiple languages. It is used for safe, high-volume infusions in military hospitals, operating rooms, emergency and critical care, labor and delivery.

Rapid Infusers/ Fluid & Patient Warmers

Norma Icon-5 OP

Generic Hematology Reagents

Norma Autoloader

Norma iVet-5



Revolade 50 mg (Eltrombopag Olamine)

Branded Pharmaceuticals

Incubator SL30CDB Sistema BLAST

Incubator SL30CDB Sistema BLAST

Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Serological Pipettes

Venous Blood Collection

MiniCollect® Capillary Blood Collection System NEW

MiniCollect® Blood Collection Tubes

Safety Products Capillary Blood Collection

Accessories Capillary Blood Collection

Petri Dishes

Modular Patient Monitor Elite V5

Patient Monitor iM50

Patient Monitor iM8/iM8A/iM8B

Handheld Oximeter H100B

Capnography Monitor M3B

Capnography Monitor - M3B

Handheld Pulse Oximeter H100N

Hematology Analyzer - DS-500i

Finger Oximeter H10

Central Monitoring System MFM-CMS

Telemetry Transmitter iT20

Color Doppler Ultrasound U2

Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer (POCT) i15