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MFDS Approved Product

Urine Strip

Urine Analyzer AS120

Urine Analyzer AS300

Urine Analyzer - AnyScan 720

[Chrom Agar] Chrom Agar Candida

Automated Microorganism Identification Device - OptiDet

Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser - Pchem 1

Truelab™ real time PCR Workstation Field Case

Truepet™ Microtips

Sample Extraction and Elute Collection Tubes

Sample Prep Kit for Non-Sputum Samples

Sample Prep Kit for Sputum

Sample Prep Kit for Blood, Serum, Plasma and Body Fluids

Chip Based Real Time Micro PCR Tests

Sample Prep Device

NucliSENS® easyMAG®

CMV R-gene®

Test Tube (Pet Tube for Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes)

LiquidBiopsy Platform and Workflow

ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System

ProFlex™ 96-well PCR System



Semi-automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyser - Photometer DTN-510K

Reagent - MagPurix Viral/Pathogen Nucleic Acids Extraction Kit A

Reagent - MagPurix Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

Reagent - MagPurix Forensic DNA Extraction Kit

Reagent - MagPurix Total RNA Extraction Kit

Reagent - MagPurix Bacterial DNA Extraction Kit

Zinext Instruments - Zyprep

Zinext Instruments - 48 Series

Zinexts Instruments - 24 Series