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YFDT-PY02 Electric Operating Table
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YFDT-PY02 Electric Operating Table

The electric operating table is of the integrated multi-function type,which meets the demands of all kinds of can also be used for cinducting X-ray examination and photography.

The base is made of high-quality stainless steel,while the table-board is made of High-quality carbon plastic,which is easy to clean and sterilizing.With Linak motor system,the table can be operated in a stable is characterized by flexible,reliable,non-pollution and long usage time.

Technical Specifications:

table length:2000mm±50mm

table width:500mm±20mm

Maximum and minimum height of

the platform:(750~1000)±50mm




Head board fold upward:≥40°

Head board fold downward:≥90°

Waist board lifting:≥100mm

Leg board fold downward:≥90°

Leg board fold outward:≥90°

Back board fold upward:≥45°

Back board fold downward:≥20°

Main Voltage:AC 220V 50Hz

input power:300VA