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Model No : XRFM 101

Type : Medical X-Ray Film

Specification :

X-ray film displays the radiographic image and consists of emulsion (single or double) of silver halide (silver bromide (AgBr) is most common) which when exposed to light, produces a silver ion (Ag+) and an electron. 

The electrons get attached to the sensitivity specks and attract the silver ion.

Model No              Medical X-Ray Film       

XRFM 101                        7" x 17"               (Discontinued)

XRFM 102                        8" x 10"

XRFM 103                      9.5" x 9.5"             (Discontinued)

XRFM 104                       10" x 12"

XRFM 105                       11" x 14"

XRFM 106                       14" x 14"

XRFM 107                       14" x 17"

XRFM 108                       14" x 36"              (Discontinued)