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A Pin slender, elongated piece of metal used for securing fixation of parts. A thin rod for securing the ends of fractured bones.A wire long, slender, flexible structure of metal, used in surgery and dentistry and insert such metal strands into a body structure, as into a broken bone to immobilize fragments.

Wire and the center line is fixed to the inner of the spiral coil, thereby the upper guide part is formed between center line fixed part and head plug. A planar structure, wherein said upper end portion of the guide step portion of said center line by gradual changes, so that the center line stepwise and gradually reduce its thickness, close to the end of the upper guide the most distal portion of stepwise increases its width. The planar structure, which improves flexibility, sensitive to contact, shear resistance and torque can be transmitted, thus a high ability to detect and ablation area close to the disease.

Guide wires use in surgically resolving conditions and diseases of the upper urinary tract. These include, but are not limited to, gaining access to the urinary tract; dilating urinary strictures; removing kidney stones; and providing temporary drainage.

Steinman pin used for skeletal traction and fixation of bone fragments.