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Sumer SM Warming Cabinets
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Sumer SM Warming Cabinets

–  Warming Cabinet is designed to raise the temperature of surgical IV and irrigation solutions
and/or blankets, bags, plastic and glass packaging solutions to an acceptable level for
hospital and surgical outpatient center applications
–  Stainless steel inner and outer surface, tempered double glass window or optional
stainless-steel door
–  Walls and doors of device cabinet are double walled varying insulation material of 25-50 mm
thickness between walls, air circulation fan- homogenous air spread
–  4 different types of user-friendly control system, optional during order
–  Optional control systems;
* Membrane digital display control system-silver
* Membrane digital display control system-diamond (with keyboard)
* 2 pieces of PLC controlled color TFT touch screen control system-platinum
–   Single or double cabin feature, electronic or mechanic door locking feature
–  The double cabinet control panel has control and temperature display functions for both
cabinets. The upper and lower compartment can run on different temperatures
–  On the control panel ;
* Digital temperature display
* Temperature setting buttons: irrigation (IRR) I blankets and IV solution selection keys
* Compartment on I off switch
* Heat error indicator, door status indicator
* Indicator controlling the active status of cabinet heating
–  Selection of the desired temperature thanks to the control panels, selection of the desired
working temperature of the program
–  Upper compartment and single compartment controls include IV and IRA/Blanket mode
setting switches, limiting temperature ranges to 32°C- 44°C and 32-71.1 °C, respectively.
For lower compartment controls, the temperature selection range is 32°C- 71.1 °C. Optional
heating mode up to 32°C- 94°C
–  Optional USB port connection allows PC connection and temperature recording
–  When a fault occurs in the device, error message is written on digital panel
–  Device gives audio and flashing alarm when the temperature becomes more than 5.5°C (±
0.5°C) above set temperature and disables the heater unit automatically
–  Chamber volumes: 100,150,200,250,350,450,550,650,750,850,950,1050 L

The production facilities are 25,000 m2 located in Baskent OSB, Ankara and all of products are SFDA, ISO 9001, ISO 9001/14001, ISO 13485, HYGCEN(Germany/Austria), CE (97/23/CE,93/42/CE) and TSE EN 285 certified for laboratory applications. Our products are internationally recognized for an elegant and user-friendly design, "Sumer" reliability based upon 39 years of experience in manufacture, benchmark performance and energy-saving features. For More information please visit our website at: and contact us at [email protected].