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VisMed-3D - Real Time Surgery Scheduling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2019

Dima Elissa



[email protected]


Arab Health 2020; Booth H1 C10


The market forecasts for growth of Patient Safety and Risk Management Solutions Market $1.9B in 2019 to $2.2B in 2024, 11% CAGR.


Globally, in pursuit of great health outcomes healthcare delivery also harms 4 in 10 patients, and 80% of this harm is preventable. The root cause of avoidable harm from surgical events (aka WSPEs - Wrong patient, Wrong operation, Wrong side/site, Wrong implant) reveals that the following root causes are responsible for >%55 of WSPE’s:

  • handoff errors
  • communication errors are also responsible for:
    • risky workarounds,
    • driving delays and cancellations that have a great negative financial impact on facilities


VisMed-3D brings a patient-centric portfolio of 3 market-ready integrated software solutions to address patient safety, coordinated scheduling and identity management. These systems can utilize but do not require the existence of Electronic Medical Records (EHR). This extends a proven surgical process safety mechanism across the Medical, Social and Public Health domains, opening a means to operate safely and efficiently across the continuum in each domain.

Using VisMed3D’s SafeStart platform as the core administrative tool to securely manage PHI in the cloud for surgical procedures on mobile smart devices is the first critical step. Next integrating a digital scheduler permits seamless coordinated real-time scheduling between surgical centers and the clinic staff.  Finally, our AI-enabled biometric verification capability provides a Trusted Identity Enterprise Authentication through facial recognition, fingerprints, palm vein, voice, and more.  

In concert, these safety tools lift patient care in organizations toward zero harm and high reliability.

The patient safety toolkit is immediately available for implementation through a SaaS agreement.  Please email [email protected] for further details. Visit us at Arab Health 2020, January 26th-31st, 2020 in Dubai, UAE. Booth H1 C10.

The Scheduling Solution:

Complete scheduling requests in one quick submission.

Save precious time and resources: Eliminate fax and verbal scheduling errors.

Automate the labor-intensive surgical scheduling processes.

The calendar view, powerful screen capture, and quick, easy forms streamline the secure communication between surgeons’ offices, hospital surgery departments, and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

Legible, comprehensive patient data and related documents are securely delivered with high-level encryption when you schedule the surgery.

You save time, reduce errors, and improve quality indicators.