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Model No : APVE 141

Type : Ventilator

Specification :

Ventilator Vertical Diamond is a multi-functional Ventilator adopting pneumatic, electronic control and microcomputer technology. Exported components are utilized to guarantee operational stability and reliability. With color screen (TEF) to display various measuring and configuration parameters, the device is very suitable for respiratory treatment, applicable for medical, surgical and gynecological departments, the department of pediatrics, first aid, and ICU departments of hospitals at different levels.


Display Mode : High-definition 10.4” TFT color LCD screen display


Ventilation Function : PEEP,SIGH, IRV, IP,Standby

Ventilation Parameters : 

Tidal volume  20~1800 ml

Rate               2~120bpm

SIMV rate       2~120bpm

I:E                  4:1~1:8  

Pressure trigger sensitivity  -10~10 cmH2O

Flow trigger sensitivity          1~20L/min

PEEP                                    0~25 cm H2O

Pressure Range                    3~50 cm H2O 

Pressure limitation                5~60 cm H2O

Pressure slope                      1~10 gear 

Flow rate setting                    1~10 gear 

Time control                           1~10s

SIGH                                      1.5 times the inspiratory time (60-120 adjustable)

Inspiratory platform                0~50%

Oxygen concentration            21%~99%

Parameters for ventilation monitoring

Expired tidal volume, Inhale tidal volume, minute ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, autonomous inspiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, average pressure, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure, Inspiratory platform, oxygen concentration, battery capacity, pressure - time waveform, flow rate - time waveform, flow-volume loop, pressure-volume loop.

Model No :-

APVE 141            Ventilator Vertical Diamond