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Oncoera Ven Valves are in the Split Septum Valve group recommended by CDC. Needle-free injection valve has become an integral part of intravenous therapy in recent years. 


The most important reason for this widespread acceptance is that risk of infection is reduced for both the patient and the healthcare staff. 


Intravenous therapy is also one of the most common invasive procedures with high risks of complications. 


Catheter-related infections, especially central venous catheter infections, have increased intensive care mortality rates by up to 30%. 


This situation is not only a problem in our country but also in the whole world. 


Patient losses due to catheter-related infections, hospitalization prolongation and associated economic losses have led to further questioning of whether the materials used in intravenous therapy have optimal design for infection control. 


Comparable studies have been carried out in terms of ven valves, and as a result, split septum valves have stepped forward among many different designs. 


Finally, in order to reduce the risk of infection in intravenous treatment, ven veins with split septum design are recommended by CDC.