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ValiDoc PRO

ValiDoc PRO

The hawo ValiDoc PRO is the new documentation, labelling and packaging system for safe and professional reprocessing of medical devices in hospitals as well as doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries. Regardless of whether it’s sealable pouches or reels, wrappable sterilization sheets or reusable containers, this system assists medical professionals meet the packaging inspection and labelling requirements. It includes sterilization control using a process indicator along with a formal approval as well as documentation for the patient’s file.

ValiPak PRO sealing device
The centre piece of the ValiDoc PRO system is the validateable ValiPak PRO sealing device (hd 680 DEI-V, Version 3.0 and higher). Together with the ValiScan barcode scanner (hawo IntelligentScan Technology), the sealing device is linked to the ValiPrint label printer via the PrintBox print server. No additional computer peripheral equipment is required to record important packaging information and print it onto a label. The sealing device monitors critical process parameters (sealing temperature, contact pressure and sealing speed) and alerts the user when any deviations occur. If sealing parameters are in order during the sealing process, then this is printed on the label (sealing parameters okay). If one of the parameters is not in order, then a label is printed with information corresponding to the error display. The packaging may not be used.

Integrating all packaging systems
If wrappable sterilization sheets or reusable containers are used, the system can be notified after the required visual inspection whether or not it has passed. Depending on the result of the visual inspection, a label is printed with the corresponding note. The packaging may not be used if an error is detected. All required information such as batch number, name of the packer, product information or various expiry dates is simply transferred to the PrintBox via the easy-to-use ValiScan barcode scanner and an individualized barcode list. This information including the expiry date is printed on the packaging label when sealing is successful or it has passed a visual inspection (wrapped sets or containers). After the instrument has been used, the label can be removed from the packaging and placed in the patient’s file. Other barcodes with batch numbers or batch numbers generated by external systems (e.g. washer-disinfector or sterilizer) can be converted to a barcode readable by the ValiScan barcode scanner via the supplied software or using a smartphone app. This information is then automatically assigned to the batch symbol on the label and printed.

ValiPrint label printer
Together with the practical indicator labels, it also provides helpful instrument labelling that complies with legal requirements. This is because all information previously input and processed is printed on the label and can be attached to the packaging. An HIBC (Health International Bar Code) is printed with all label information as well as process parameters. The integrated process indicator (ISO 11140-1, Class 1) shows whether or not the packaged instrument has already been sterilized. After instruments are used for treatment or operation, all labels can be placed in the patient’s file. This enables you to immediately determine that each instrument, set or container being used has been properly packaged and sterilized. The printer housing has an antibacterial coating and the control panel contains an antibacterial substance tested according to JIS Z 2801.