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US13 is a state of the art portable ultrasound therapy apparatus offering both 1 and 3 MHz outputs.
The unit is packed with innovative features:
extremely high power, lots more duty cycle options (anything from 10% to 100 %), improved no-contact features, possibility of creating a patient database and pain level monitoring, the industry highest number of pre-set programs for most pathologies;
Quickstart mode to click and start for the most common patologies programs, memory for saving your own programs.
Our patient database provides immediate access to the customized treatment allowing it to be easily and quickly repeated.
With a 7’’ capacitive touch screen, US13 is extremely easy and intuitive to operate.


Output frequency for the ultrasound heads is 1 and 3 MHz

Continuous output with a Maximum power of 3W/cm2

Pulsed output with a Maximum power of 3W/cm2

7’’ capacitive colour Touch Screen

Large library of pre-set programs for common pathologies

Free program allows user defined parameters

Possibility of storing user defined programs/ parameters

No contact indication is both visual and acoustic

Real treatment time means that timer will stop in case of bad contact with skin

Possibility use of different treatment heads

Patients database

Possibility of creating and saving complex sequences of programs

USB Port to update software


1 pc. – Head 1 MHz/3MHz 5cm2 [1] (A01.00112)

1 pc. – 260 gr gel tube [2] (R/273)

1 pc. – Power cable [3] (C/A)


Head 1 MHz/3 MHz 1cm2 (A01.00113)

Z Trolley [4] (A01.00128)

Tray for Evoline Trolley (A01.00047)


Supply voltage: 115 – 230 V~

Rated Frequency: 1MHz / 3MHz

Pulse Frequency: 100 Hz with Duty Cycle from 10% to 100%, step 10%

Output Modes: continuous and pulsed

Intensity: 0-3W/cm2 continuos – 0-3W/cm2 pulsed

Output Heads: 1MHz / 3MHz, 1 cm2; 1MHz / 3MHz, 5 cm2
with no-contact indication, suitable for underwater treatment

Time: 0 -30 min

Weight: 2 Kg

Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 12,5 cm

Power Input: 45 VA

Insulation class: Class I – BF type