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URO help forte (powder, soluble in water)

Effective and unique combination for urinal acute infections (UTIs) and preventionpowder for preparation of tasty drinks.

Exclusive formulation of 5 highest quality active ingredients - standardized highly bioavailable extract of curcuma longa, standardized extract of Canadian cranberries Urophenol (15 % proanthocyanidins)​​​​​​​, D‒mannose, vitamin C and  fibre Orafti (of chicory root).

URO help forte maintains a natural microflora in the urinary tract, prevents bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder and strengthens the immune system.

Practical ready-to-go packaging in sticks/sachets.

First aid for acute urinal infections (UTIs) or prevention usage for healthy urinary tract

Rapid effect thanks to unique combination of natural active ingredients:

  • Highly bioavailable curcumin extract - a strong antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory effect. Significantly improves the symptoms of chronic urinary tract infections. Bioavailability - verified by our scientific study (patent pending in USA, EU, Canada)
  • Standardized extract of Canadian cranberries Urophenol - 125 times more effective than other cranberry extracts. 1 sachet contains cranberry extract equivalent to 8 g of fresh cranberries. Research has demonstrated that substances in cranberry prevent bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract and bladder.
  • D-mannose - bioactive monosaccharide naturally occurring in the body. Preliminary clinical trials show that D-mannose may treat or prevent UTIs–it sticks to bacteria in the urinary tract, including E. coli, and naturally flushes it out of the body.
  • Vitamin C and prebiotic (fibre) boosts the immune system by helping good healthy bacteria grow in your digestive system

Vegan, No added sugar, No preservatives

Product is offered as private label or ready-made product

Packaging according to customer's requirements

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