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Inlet tube:

-          Smooth surface and kink-resistant

-          At length of 90/120cm, other lengths available as per request

-          With conical connector, provide an easy and firm connection to the drainage catheters

-          With needleless sample port for safe urine sampling

-          With adjustable bed-sheet clamp for securing drain bag tubing. With tube clamp for stopping the urine flow when required

-          Reinforced hander with built-in anti-kink drain tube guide

-          Anti-reflux chamber provides reflux protection without mechanical parts to hinder flow, minimize back flow and increase patient safety. Non-wettable air filter, helps prevent vacuum action and facilitate drainage


-          Available with outlet Push-Pull valve, Screw valve and T valve

-          Push-Pull valve/ Screw valve: for easy emptying and minimal spillage

-          T valve: for easy one-handed bag drainage


-          With Meter Box for accurately measure urine output. Typically used on critically ill and surgical patients

-          With non-return valve to avoid the back flow of urine, increase patient safety

-          With graduated scales printed on

-          Color with White or Transparent

-          Bag capacity with 2000/2600ml

-          Bag with air filter to help prevent vacuum action and facilitate drainage