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Uractiv Man, capsules, is a food supplement. Active ingredients: Maritime pine bark extract standardised in betasitosterols , tomatoes dry extract standardised in lycopene, selenium from selenomethionine. Uractiv Man is a special formula with herbal standardized extract and selenium that supports prostate health and male reproductive system health decreases urinations frequency and improves sexual activity quality. Complex composition with clinical confirmed action: maritime pine bark extract is a very rich source of vegetal sterols, especially beta-sitosterols, that are involved in male sexual hormones synthesis and are beneficial for men health; selenium, an essential oligoelement, is part of over 20 selenoproteins with critical role in reproduction, thyroid function, DNA synthesis, protection against oxidative stress and infections. Daily necessary must be acquired through a proper intake from food and nutritional supplements. Selenomethionine, organic form of selenium, is easier to use for the body with bioavailability twice higher than anorganic forms. Lycopene, a liposoluble carotenoid from tomatoes, presents strong antioxidant properties very important to maintain an optimal health state especially in tissues prone to be easily inflamed.