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WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM : The most powerful operating system across chemistry analyzers, URA Elite works on a USB Mouse based interface with the added advantage of an on board QWERTY key pad for unparalleled ease of use and powerful software features.

LARGE LCD COLOR DISPLAY : The large colored LCD offers excellent information available on the display.

FLOWCELL + CUVETTE MODE : Allows for excellent reliability and convenience in running all types of chemistries including those which are preferable to perform on the cuvette mode.

PLUG AND PLAY OPERATION : URA Elite comes pre-programmed with complete range of Ozone Clinical Chemistry range. The analyzer is hence ready to use practically immediately on completion of installation and training.

ONLINE REACTION CURVE : URA Elite displays the reaction curve for all reactions in real time on the color LCD display which allows curve monitoring while the assay is being performed .

LAMP SAVING FUNCTION : The lamp saving function on the analyzer helps in elongating the life of the lamp by automatically switching it off when the analyzer is idle for a significant time.

ONBOARD HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICAL PRINTER : The onboard printer prints the results with reaction curve and a wide amount of information.

MULTI FORMAT REPORTING : The powerful Windows software allows for reporting to be generated not just test wise but also patient wise.

OPEN SYSTEM : Any standard reagent from quality providers can be used.

MULTIPLE ANALYTICAL MODES : URA Elite can perform Kinetic, Fixed Time, End Point with or without sample and reagent blank, linear and anon linear multipoint calibrations.

LARGE MEMORY : URA Elite has a memory of 200 programs – Large enough to program all kinds of biochemistry reagents  on the analyzer.

Wide Absorbance Range : With a range of -0.500 to 3.500, the analyzer has among the largest reading range across systems in this category, reducing the requirement for dilution due to high concentration samples .

PELTIER CONTROLLED : URA Elite has an in built peltier for performing tests at 25° , 30° and 37° C.

WIDE WAVELENGTH RANGE : URA Elite has preinstalled 7 high quality interference filters covering a wide range from 340 to 700 nm, as well as a free position for installing an optional 8th filter as per user requirements.