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Troponin I Ctni Test Equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China
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Troponin I Ctni Test Equipment

Troponin I Ctni Test Equipment   NRM-FI-1000 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer is a quantitative system which can accurately read and analyze the test results of the Fast Test Kits. It can perfectly help doctors to diagnose and divide risk level of cardiovascular diseases,kidney disease,bacteria or virus indection,etc and then accordingly make treatment plans. Features Multiple samples incubate at the same time Accurate detection system 1.One incubator can incubate 8 samples simultaneous. 2.Incubators can be underlied together to imcubate more strips. 3.Constant incubation temperature:30ºC. 4.Automatically prompt after incubation,set up time from 5 to30 mins according to different assays. 5.Pipettor:minimum 5ul. 6.One dimensional code distinguishs reagents automatically (PCT,or CRP,or NT-proBNP,or not). 7.Testing times