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ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS : Transducer Technology
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Transducer Technology

Transducer Technology ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, We are Ultrasound Professionals Why transducer is important? A transducer converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy. A transducer transmits and receives reflected ultrasound signals that are the primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images. Proprietary transducer technology yields superior clinical ultrasound imaging. ALPINION with transducer technology ALPINION’s transducer portfolio includes conventional piezo-ceramic, composite PZT and the latest single crystal materials. Single crystal material produces broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity, permitting its use in harmonic imaging with minimal loss of the acoustic signal. It results in more uniform wide-bandwidth imaging and thus offers higher resolution images to the user. ALPINION has overcome the historic engineering and application limitations in the processing of delicate and expensive single crystal transducer materials through a unique and proprietary fabrication process. With ALPINION’s high performance single crystal transducer, users acquire broadband images with unparalleled sensitivity. Through a unique and innovative single crystal transducer processing technology, ALPINION has produced the largest single crystal convex transducer ever fabricated, and the world’s first 3D/4D transducer made with single crystal material.