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Three - chamber balloon silicone catheters
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Three - chamber balloon silicone catheters

1, using 100% imported silicone raw materials production.  

2, very suitable for the body's long-term stay (≤ 14 days).  

3 , with X- ray line design.

4 , balanced, symmetrical balloon, to reduce the occurrence of side leakage.

5 , with the color of the valve, effectively avoid the confusion of specifications.

6 , catheter length:420mm or so.

7, elbow curvature According to the male prostate design, easy to insert the tube to reduce the insertion of the pain. 
8, mainly used for men after prostatectomy to stop bleeding and clinical catheterization and bladder rinse.


Model Specification:

1, specifications: 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr,

2, the balloon capacity: 16FR, 18FR40ML, 20FR, 22FR50ML , 24FR60ML