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Disposable Suction Catheter manufacturer in INDIA
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Suction Catheter

Angiplast’s suction catheters are flexible,long tubes used to remove respiratory secretions from the airway. The purpose of suctioning is to keep the airway clear of secretions and to prevent plugging. One end of our suction catheter is connected to a collection container (suction canister) and a device that generates suction. The open end is advanced through the airway (Endotracheal or Tracheostomy Tube) to remove secretions.

Noteworthy Features of Suction Catheter:

  • Designed for tracheal / bronchial suction.
  • Smooth clear PVC ensures efficient mucus suction while minimizing potential damage to the delicate tracheal mucous membranes.
  • Specially designed for easy passage through endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes with minimum irritation to patient.
  • Open distal end with elliptical eye for effortless and efficient suction.
  • Color- coded connector at proximal end for instant identification of catheter size.
  • Provided with X-ray opaque line for radiological identification.
  • Manufactured from non-toxic, & non-irritant medical grade PVC.
  • Suitable for removal of secretion from mouth, oropharynx, trachea, and bronchial tubes.
  • Provided with “'T”' type vacuum control valve with thumb control for proper  maneuvering.
  • Frozen surface tubing for smooth intubation.
  • Color Coded for instant size identification.

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