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Electronic Bowie Dick test and batch control

MMM SteamSpy is an electronic Bowie-Dick test system permanently installed in the steam sterilizer. It runs program controlled. Test result is immediately printed onto the batch print-out. At the same time, MMM SteamSpy replaces the regular batch control to be carried out during every sterilization cycle run. MMM SteamSpy meets all requirements of DIN EN ISO 11140 and is approved as alternative Bowie-Dick test system. Its conformity to standards has been accredited by an independent, external test laboratory.

MMM SteamSpy saves time and money – for increased efficiency in your CSSD

  • Time- and cost-saving: Operating costs per sterile unit can be significantly reduced, as chemical indicators are no longer required. Manual intervention for routine control operations can be dispensed with completely. This way of time saving results in an increased productivity of your CSSD personnel.
  • Clear result: When used for batch control, MMM SteamSpy delivers a clear and unambiguous result which is a perfect aid in deciding the outcome of each batch. The personnel no longer needs to interpret the colour change of the chemical indicator and gains additional safety.
  • Fully automatic: If the electronic Bowie-Dick test is part of the automated cycle start of your MMM sterilizer, all preliminary cycles, such as leak test, pre-heating program and Bowie-Dick test run automatically. The autoclave is ready for production the moment your personnel start their shift.
  • Sustainable: Consumables such as chemical indicators are no longer used – on the contrary, MMM SteamSpy’s longevity and the prevention of consumables allow for an easy calculation of the investment and operating costs. No more double documentation required, as the test result is easy to identify on the batch print-out.
  • Integrated: MMM SteamSpy can be retrofitted into MMM sterilizers already installed. You simply need to update the existing control system to a state of the art system. Ask your MMM customer service for detailed information.

How does MMM SteamSpy work?
MMM SteamSpy uses a fixed tube installed in the autoclave chamber simulating a hollow body and a measuring device installed to the outer chamber wall. SteamSpy allows to prove efficacy of steam penetration both in a hollow body and in porous load.
The steam penetration determined by the measuring device is continuously evaluated during the running sterilization cycle. In case of a failure, a warning appears. On cycle complete the test result is printed on the batch print-out.