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Spirohome Clinic Spirometer

Spirohome Clinic :

Spirometry device with intended use at clinics by pulmonologists, allergologists, GPs, etc. at clinics, hospitals, Primary Care offices, occupational safety health practices, etc.

User-Friendly iPad, Windows and Dashboard (web) apps to manage patients’ data.

Unlimited patient data records on the cloud system.

ATS & ERS Compliant Spirometry Solutions

Patent-pending technology behind the Spirohome Clinic Ultrasonic Spirometer uses ultrasonic flow sensing which is the most advanced technology for spirometer devices available in the market.

Spirohome Clinic enables you to perform FVC, Tidal FVC, FVL, Tidal FVL, SVC and MVV tests.

Spirohome Clinic measures FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, FEF2575, PEF, FIVC, BEV and more. The app also plots Flow-Volume and Volume-Time graphs as required by the test type and gives feedback on the session quality.

With one tap, a detailed and customizable PDF report can be generated to print out or share digitally.