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Robotic camera work

Treat yourself to freedom.

Intelligent assistance systems for minimally invasive procedures

The assistance system for MIC interventions

  • Full functionality for visceral surgery, urology and gynecology.
  • A stable and wobble-free image increases the surgical quality.
  • The assistant can focus his attention fully on the surgical procedure and actively support the surgeon.

Stable surgical field of view

  • The system provides the surgeon with a stable and jitter-free surgical field of view, even in extreme endoscopic positions.
  • The large range of motion makes it possible to fully see the site - without restrictions. The usual way of working does not have to be changed.

Safe and sterile working

  • The stable image allows the surgeon to work relaxed. He gets a sure look at the essentials.
  • Even in extreme camera positions, the position is kept arbitrarily long and is therefore far superior to manual camera tracking.
  • Joystick, joint and camera holders are autoclavable. The SOLOASSIST itself is covered with a sterile disposable cover.

Precise robotic control

  • In minimally invasive interventions, the surgeon works with both hands. Consequently, the control of the SOLOASSIST is done with a joystick on the instrument.
  • The ergonomic joystick can be attached to all commercially available grips with a clamp holder.
  • The functional design of the joystick makes handling easy. The keypad allows safe operation.

Dynamic manual adjustment

  • By pressing a button, the arm becomes movable and can then be pulled into the desired position. When released, the arm is immediately locked and remains in the set position.
  • The release button is located at the distal end of the arm and can be easily accessed by the user.

Easy docking

  1. The docking to the operating table is done via a quick release and is very easy.
  2. The arm is hung on the trolley after surgery. The trolley is fully movable and serves as storage for the SOLOASSIST.