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SOFARGEN GEL | SOFAR A qualified presence in the pharmaceutical world
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SOFARGEN GEL is a water-based dressing for topical use containing Silver Sulfadiazine. The high water content (over 95%) GEL keeps the wound hydrated, promoting the tissue healing process. It creates a mechanical barrier against external agents and protects the damaged skin due to the silver-based compound. It also promotes debridement in the event of tissue necrosis. The presence of Silver Sulfadiazine, a metal-organic compound obtained by the reaction of silver nitrate with sulfadiazine, prevents microbial contamination of the dressing and keeps the wound environment free from exogenous bacteria. The special formulation of SOFARGEN GEL creates an environment that promotes the natural healing process and provides an effective barrier to microbial penetration. The product remains easily in place and is not affected by the pulling of the wound edges. It can be easily removed by cleaning the wound with saline solution.