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SOFARCLEAN 150 ml PRESSURIZED CAN | SOFAR A qualified presence in the pharmaceutical world
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Sofarclean®, pressurized sterile saline solution, is a medical device designed to cleanse, flush and hydrate: - Acute and chronic wounds - Intact or injured skin surfaces - Cavities and mucous membranes on any part of the body Sofarclean® can also be used as a valuable aid in the debridement of necrotic tissue of scabbed wounds. METHOD OF USE SOFARCLEAN® with blue nozzle and strong jet, is recommended for the routine cleaning of acute and chronic wounds, before applying the medication. Thorough cleaning, by irrigation with SOFARCLEAN®, allows the wounds to be appropriately medicated, without having to resort to disinfectants. SOFARCLEAN® with white nozzle and vaporized spray, is instead ideal for softly moisturizing, cleansing and irrigating: the nostrils, throat, mouth, ears, anal/genital areas, minor and superficial injuries, skin lesions of varying etiology. IMPORTANT: Before applying the vaporized solution, it is recommended that a small amount of solution be sprayed away from the affected area, in order to clean the nozzle.