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Small RNA Sequencing-Yourgene Bioscience
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Small RNA Sequencing

Small RNA Sequencing 選擇其他單元: Small RNA Seque... Small RNA refers to small RNA molecules with a length of 20~30 nucleotide acids, which mainly regulates the post-translational modification. After bonding with the binding target site on the gene to be regulated, the small RNA makes pyrolysis of the gene transcriptome or directly affects it to translate into protein. In this way, it further achieves the post transcriptional gene silencing reaction, which is also known as RNAi (RNA interference. Small RNA can be roughly classified into siRNA, miRNA and piRNA. siRNA is mostly triggered by the external double-stranded RNA molecules. piRNA is found on the gonad of mammals, and piRNA amplification can be conducted through ping pong cycle. miRNA is produced by the organism and small virus internally, which is found to be involved in various biological regulations, including development, signal transduction, apoptosis, cell division and tumor formation. Studies verify miRNAs can regulate the cell division and apoptosis, promote or suppress the angiogenesis. It also plays a critical role in the formation and evolvement of cancer, thus representing a new cancer promoter and suppressor gene.