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Slan 96P Real Time PCR System SANSURE | Advanced Molecule Diagnosis Solutions
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Slan 96P Real Time PCR System

Advanced fluorescence detection system-reliable, sensitive and calibration-free The unique side-capture signal collection technology enhances fluorescence capture efficiency and eliminates signal noise, offering better detection sensitivity and smooth amplification curves; The improved optical system decreases instrument background ensuring better reproducibility; Long-lasting high-intensity LEDs which are reliable and maintenance-free; Negligible optical background resulting in no background calibration being required; Innovative optical light-path design eliminating edge effect and giving uniform fluorescence intensity for each tube,No ROX reference calibration is required; Instrument hardware calculates gain automatically during running.No gain setting is required; Professional optical filter combinations eliminate crosstalk between FAM,HEX,ROX,and CY5 channels.NO crosstalk calibration needed.