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The posture table Mi.To. is a multi-purpose product both for direct massage treatments and for a wider-ranging postural rehabilitation approach. It eases the therapist's job and ensure continuity to the manual treatment, because it is a valid instrument to carry out postural exercises as well.

Mi.To. is a two-motor examination, manipulation and treatment table. With electric height adjustment by means of a foot rail or a low voltage (24 V) foot switch.

The couch has eight movable sections. The trunk section can be adjusted electrically; the other sections can be adjusted by means of servo-system with one or more gas springs. The motor-driven adjustment requires no effort by the operator to adjust the trunk section while the patient undergoes a treatment.

The head section is equipped with an elongated breathing hole for a higher comfort of operator and patient, the plug is standard. It is also equipped with two arm supports which can be adjusted separately and be pulled out easily if necessary.

It's a dedicated therapy table for the myofascial release techniques and postural analysis. A wide range of possible positions in flexion/extension, symmetrical or asymmetrical. A manual containing various postural education exercises is supplied with the couch.


Foundation course on myofascial release techniques using Sinthesi therapy tables and global postural analysis.

Learning objectives:
Participants shall learn how myofascial structures adapt to poor postures in order to economize on movements and avoid pain in the joint movement range. A global postural analysis through GPS enables therapists to identify which groups are requiring treatment in order to regain appropriate posture and movement.
This course shall demonstrate how Sinthesi treatment tables have become an integral part of postural training and treatment for many therapists. With 8 independently mobile sections and uninterrupted, noiseless functions of movement control, therapists can offer a new and unique range of myofascial treatments that provide an efficient and effective treatment for many disorders.
Our Sinthesi tables allow therapists to effortlessly place patients in countless myofascial stretching postures that can be easily maintained for longer periods of time and without strain. In this relaxed position, various techniques can be applied to facilitate recovery in myofascial elongation, increase joint movement range and achieve an antalgic posture as a relief from acute pain. Also, Sinthesi tables provide the ideal starting position for exercises to stimulate central activation and for isometric muscular work.
The myofascial release techniques course is now available worldwide from Chinesport. It is the ideal starting point for trainee practitioners striving to improve their skills. Participants will learn how to use the unique MITO - Sinthesi therapy table within a global approach towards myofascial therapy, with the aim to restore the natural myofascial length and improve posture and movement.