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RaVoR™ Bipolar Electrodes, single-use
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RaVoR™ Bipolar Electrodes, single-use

In addition to the reusable RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes used successfully in the market for more than 15 years, Sutter also offers a disposable version.

Both the RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes for the inferior turbinates, single-use and the RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes for the soft palate, single-use offer the same benefits as their reusable counterparts.

RaVoR™ of the inferior turbinates has become a standard treatment option in sleep surgery, i.e. to treat habitual snoring, mild sleep apnea and to increase both comfort and compliance of CPAP treatment. Moreover, it can be beneficial to improve nasal breathing, even together with septum correction, or to treat symptoms of rhinitis.

RaVoR™ (Radiofrequency Volume Reduction) of the soft palate has become the standard surgical procedure to treat habitual snoring and mild sleep apnea. Multiple clinical studies confirmed the efficacy and the clinical benefit of the treatment (see abstracts). This minimally invasive treatment method preserves the structures and function of the soft palate. RaVoR™ is performed under local anesthesia; it can easily be combined with other treatments, e.g. RF-UPPP or CPAP treatment.



Instrument's shape follows the anatomy

The shape of Sutter RaVoR™ probes always follows the anatomy, thus allowing easy access to the application site, giving excellent view and perfect control over the instrument.


Perfect lesions

Sutter RaVoR™ probes make oval-shaped, long lesions possible. Both shape and size allow treating a bigger area, while protecting bony structures as well as mucosa. Lesion always perfectly fit patient’s anatomy.


Protecting mucosa

A very thin insulating layer, which is placed under the mucosa, protects the surface from thermal damage. This unique technology helps both to reduce postoperative pain and to make healing process fast and gentle.


Low risk and cost-effectiveness

The RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes as sterile packaged instruments reduce the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate the time required for a sterilization process. They also reduce the risk of downtime in the OR due to older, damaged instruments. Disposable instruments are cost-effective and save time by eliminating the need for reprocessing and maintenance.