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Sialidase Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) Test Kit|Zhuhai Encode Medical Engineering Co., Ltd - DECODE YOU WITH OUR CARE
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Sialidase Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) Test Kit

Sialidase Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) Test Kit Bacterialvaginosis is actually a symptom-comlex caused by the decrease of common bacterial population and the increase of anaerobic bacteria, e.g., Bacteroides, Mobiluncus spp, Gardnerella vaginalis, Prevotella spp, Peptococeus, and Mycoplasma hominis, etc. With a high morbidity (10-15%), Bacterial vaginosis is often attributed to habitual abortion, premature labor, premature breaking of fetal membrane, intrauteral infection, pelvic inflammation, cervical ulcer, andsome other complicateddiseases. The polybacterial infection yields great difficulty to bacteriological diagnosis. The standard BV laboratory diagnostic method "Amsel" , so called gold standard, which is well recognized, covers the following items : (1). PH>4.5 invagina (2).Increased diluted vaginal secretion with peculiar smell (3). Positive amine test (4). The clue cell can be found in vaginal secretion smear. The card is characterized by accuracy, simplicity, rapidity and sensitivity. The correlation rate with Amsel reaches 92%, providing a satisfactory diagnostic result.