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semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top NB-201D
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semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top NB-201D


- End point kinetics, fixed time absorbance, turbidimetry

- All-in-one optical system, high reliability and anti-interference

- 7 filters (340nm-630nm)

- Reaction curve and QC graph print-out

- Dynamic temperature control of Peltier elements 25°C, 30°C, 37°C

- Up to 210 test profiles can be programmed

- Memory for 110.000 sample results

- Touch screen, 7.0"TFT, Large color LCD display

- Easy-to-use operation and minimum daily maintenance

- Real-time monitor of reaction curve/data



Product Specifications:



- Quartz-halogen lamp 12V/20W



- Automatic by 7 positions filter-wheel

- 7 standard filters: 340nm, 405nm, 492nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm

- 1 position free for optional filter

- Half bandwidth< 8 nm

- Stray light : < 0.3% at 340nm



- 0.0000 to 3.0000 ABS

- Resolution : 0.0001 ABS

- Stability : 0.002 A/hour



- Stainless steel with quartz window

- Measuring volume 32 µL

- Optical path 10mm

- Aspiration volume program