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SaniUV-Cube Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection Cabinet
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SaniUV-Cube Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection Cabinet


  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet: Provides strength, durability, and lasting value.
  • Access Door: Made from stainless steel and a tempered glass window, providing inspection while blocking UV-C exposure.
  • Unique Removable Quartz Shelves: Quartz rods mounted within a stainless-steel frame ensure UV-C energy reaches all items.
  • 4 STER-L-RAY® Germicidal UV Lamps: Deliver UV-C energy which is highly effective against viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.
  • Surelite™ Electronic Ballasts: Operate the STER-L-RAY® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps at peak output performance.
  • Elapsed Time Indicator: A non-resettable display of operating hours for scheduling, maintenance, and lamp replacement.
  • Interlock Safety Switch: Tamper-proof switch interrupts power to the lamps when the door has been opened.
  • Treatment Time Keypad Controller: Provides easy operation while displaying and counting down remaining treatment time.
  • Lamp Replacement Indicators: Indicate when lamps are good, need replacement soon, or should be replaced immediately.
  • Molded Rubber Feet: Ensure firm non-skid support and protection of surfaces while reducing noise transfer.
  • Cooling Fans: Bottom intake and top exhaust fan cool unit to ensure proper lamp temperature is maintained during operation.
  • Power Cord / Fuse Holder: A standard NEMA 5-15, three-prong plug which operates on 120v AC 50/60Hz single-phase standard household current. Protected by a replaceable 5 amp, fast-acting fuse.