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Rigenox is a mineral powder preparation made from water-absorbing silicates, formulated with 2,5% ion silver, suitable for exudates: wounds, abrasions, minor burns, skin lesions, bedsores, etc.. Use of this preparation helps keep exudates under control, creating a clean environment that facilitates the normal healing process while protecting the area from bacterial proliferation. The preparation adheres to the treated area, does not slip away, and can be easily removed with the use of a saline solution spray.

Rigenox is a preparation formulated with Ionic silver, prevents microbial contamination. Ability to inhibit or limit bacterial, viral and fungal replication and to eliminate pathogens. Silver blocks the metabolic action of some bacterial enzymes, viruses and fungi, causing their elimination; it seems to be effective against about 650 species of bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses; moreover, in addition to its disinfectant action, it has a strong anti-inflammatory action, supporting the immune system. The broad-spectrum action ensures the effectiveness of antibiotics without the side effects of synthetic antibiotics.

Rigenox is a preparation free of animal tissue derived ingredients (collagen, keratin, elastin, etc.).