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Respiratory Exerciser

Respiratory Exerciser

How to use:

1.Hold the unit in an upright position.

2.Exhale normally and then place your lips tightly around the mouthpiece at the end of the tubing.

3.Low flow rate-Inhale at a rate to raise only the ball in the  first chamber. The second chamber ball must remain in place. This position should be held for three seconds or as long as possible whichever comes first.

4.High flow rate-Inhale at a rate to raise the first and second chamber balls. Ensure that the third chamber ball remains in the rest position for the duration of this exercise.

5.Exhale-Take out the mouthpiece and exhale normally.Relax(Repeat)-Following each prolonged deep breath, takea moment to rest and breathe normally. This exercise can be repeated according to physician's instructions.

Note: Tilting the unit forward can make the respiratoryexerciser easier for patients who find it different to raise theball or balls while holding the unit in an upright position.