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REAST | Dr. Fooke Laboratorien
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ALLERG-O-LIQ Specific IgE REAST (Reversed Enzyme Immuno Assay) for the quantitative determination of specific IgE in human Serum or Plasma with biotinylated Allergens BACKROUND The worldwide frequency of allergies has increased significantly over the past decades. The term allergy is often used for type I hypersensitivity reactions (immediate type reactions), whose symptoms generally occur within 30-60 min after contact with the allergen. The most frequent symptoms are: hay fever (rhinitis), conjunctivitis, hives (urticaria), allergic asthma and as the most dangerous manifestation anaphylaxis (the anaphylactic shock). The allergens causing type I hypersensitivity reactions are mostly proteins derived from the natural environment e.g. plant pollen, animal hair, food, mites and insect venoms. The characteristic of type I allergies is the involvement of allergen specific immunoglobulins (antibodies) of class E (sIgE). Hence, the detection of sIgE is an important tool of modern allergy diagnostics.