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Rabies veterinary Vaccine

Rabies is a fatal neurological disease of canines specially dogs, wolves, jackals,mongoose, etc. It is caused by Rabies virus.

The incubation period varies from a few days to several months (usually 5-40 days)depending on the amount of virus injected during bite and nearness to brain& major nerve trunks etc. The disease takes the toll of its prey in almost100% cases usually within 5-10 days of appearance of clinical symptoms. Rabies is transmitted by bites of rabid dogs and other canines to all domesticated animals which in most cases results in deaths if not treated.

The animals affected with Rabies-called rabid animals become either very violent or dumb. They get excited at slight disturbance & bite wooden, stony objects and any animal including man.

Rabies Vet has been prepared by inactivating Rabies virus (Pitman Moore strain) grown in VERO cell culture, with -propiolactone. It is available in liquid form adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide gel.