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CYCLONE Procedural Stretcher is the best choice designed with ease of use and versatility reliability. Latest Generation full steer System on CYCLONE Procedural Stretcher is designed to reduce the physical strain easy to steer and stop while allowing for crisp cornering and control. CYCLONE Procedural Stretcher allows you to create the ideal solution to enhance patient comfort. The CYCLONE Procedural Stretcher’s heavy-gauge steel reinforced frame 320 kg (705,5 lb) weight capacity to handle patients of varying size. The stretcher integrates well with emergency room equipment.

Both CYCLONE Series Stretchers are specially designed for easy washing (full washable) and cleaning in a fast-paced healthcare environment. The CYCLONE Procedural Stretcher is fully compatible with various medical equipment such as C-arms and X-Ray devices.


The ideal procedural stretcher CYCLONE is ability on four-sided brakes easy accessible from the lateral, head and foot ends which makes the stretcher easy steer and stop. This is the only one of the proof of the CYCLONE makes an ideal procedural stretcher. For both sides brakes pedals operated only pushing down instead of pulling it up Which reduce the risk of back injuries of staff. The four side brake is eliminating the need to move to the sides of the bed while immediet needs to the brake.


The CYCLONE Stretcher is equipped with glideaway side rails, retractable underneath the lying surface. It eliminates the gap between the stretchers and bed during patient transfers and offers maximum patient security when raised, yet are completely out of the way when down, for zero-gap transfers. The side rails covering nearly the entire length of the stretcher, the falls risk is minimized and lowered smoothly, gently, and silently, resulting in a reduced risk of hand entrapment.


The CYCLONE has adapted with integrated easy use retractable 5th castor ensures a smooth ride, enhanced safety, better maneuverability and turnability, prevent back injury of staff. The 5th castor is activated at foot end and head also on lateral side of stretcher by the use of break pedals at steer position. 150 mm diameter deployed 5th castor is suspension loaded better shock absorption smooth drive over uneven surfaces.


The CYCLONE Stretcher is adapted with collapsible stainless steel, bacterial proof pushing handles, applied at head additionally at foot end. Ergonomic design handles easly fold and take drive position. Permitted Smooth drive and less effort for medical stuff. It reduce the risk of back injuries of staff while at folded position makes easier administering medication.

Integrated O2 Tank Holder

320 kg (705,5 lb) Weight Capacity

Retractable Steering Handles Positioned at Head and Feet Level

Easy Clean Washable

Brake/Steer Pedals– Head and Foot

Brake/Steer Pedals– All Four Sides

Permanent Collapsible IV Pole– 2 Stage

Radiolucent Surface with Upright Chest X-Ray Cassette Holder

10 cm (4″) High Density Secure Mattress with Fire Barrier

Large Space Supframe for Staff Storage

Full Capability of Lateral Control Individual Pedals (Height, Down, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg)

Exceptionally Stable Structure

Protection Bumpers at All 4 Corners

Directional Drive on Suspension 5th Castor

Four Section Lying Surface

Spring Operated Backrest, Knee Bending

Anti-Bacteria Treated Nano Technology Bonded Coating

Glideaway Side Rails Retractable Underneath the Lying Surface with Anti-Pinching Mechanism

Additionally Accessory Holding Rails

Monitor Shelf Additionally Added on CYCLONE Stretcher Multifunctional Feature Feet Support and Writting Desk

Vertical Tank Bottle Holder Practical and Turnable will be Applied on Four Corners

X-Ray Cassette on Backrest Enables in Bed X-Ray Scanning or C-Arm Scanning