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PRISM CACTUS® PC3010 Membrane Air Dryer - Oxair
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PRISM CACTUS® PC3010 Membrane Air Dryer

PRISM CACTUS® PC3010 Membrane Air Dryer Amembrane air dryerir Products’ PRISM CACTUS PC membrane air dryer is a cost-effective way to manufacture a continuous stream of dry air on-site. These robust dryers use selective permeation, a passive technology, to separate water vapor from the air stream. The resulting flow of dry air is ready for use in most industrial applications. The fixed internal purge makes these dryers robust and easy to operate. Cactus dryers require no outside power supply, have no moving parts, and do not require regeneration or replacement of expensive desiccants to function. These maintenance-free, compact dryers work where desiccants and refrigeration units are not practical.