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PRECISO TRS 180 cm transport column in a hospital room. One rolling shutter is closed, one is partially openPRECISO TRS 110D double with 2 rolling shutters and an accessorized overbridgeGreen PRECISO TRS 140D double with a mix of FH-DrawersPRECISO TRS 180 with rolling shutter and a mix of FH-Drawers, ISO bakets and traysBlue PRECISO TRS 180D double with rolling shutter and transparent doorPRECISO TRS 180T triple  with rolling shutters and a mix of FH-Drawers, ISO bakets and trays
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PRECISO TRS transport columns

PRECISO TRS is a line of transport and logistics columns, also known as mobile furniture.

Hospitals and nursing homes are the idea setting for PRECISO TRS columns.

They can be used for transports, but are also excellent mobile storage points. Being mobile means that cleaning is made easier, but also means that if the room needs to be rearranged, the column can be easily placed elsewhere.

PRECISO TRS comes in 3 heights: 110, 140 and 180 cm.
Each of these exists in 3 widths: single, double and triple.

All models have ISO 600x400 compatible guides. They can be in an all FH-Drawer configuration, or with rolling shutters protecting a mix of FH-Drawers and other ISO baskets and trays, or closed by convenient transparent doors (the TRS 180 only).

The PRECISO TRS 110 models can be equipped with an overbridge upon request: this is ideal to use them as workstations or procedure tables, especially in medical cabinets.