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portable ventilator
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Portable ventilator

1. standard status check

Turn on the power and gas source switch, the ventilator in the standard working condition.

      Breathing pattern:              A/C;

      Freq:                         16(bpm);

      I:E:                           1:2;

      VT:                           500mL;

          Plimit-H:                      4kPa;

          Plimit-L:                      0.5kPa;

          PTRIG:                       -0.3kPa;

          Working pressure:             0.4Mpa;

          FiO2:                         48%。

2.   Check tidal volume

Boot work, the connection to simulate lung tidal volume observed in the front panel parameter monitoring area, where the tidal volume should  And match the aeration amount measured values ​​obtained.

3.   Trigger pressure function tests

Set the trigger pressure-0.1kPa wear a mask to gently inhale when airway pressure was slightly lower than this setting, inspiratory
While "trigger indicator flash.

  1. SIMV function tests

Function selection change SIMV respiratory rate observed after 1 minute total respiratory rate readings should do this set
Given value.

  1. Sigh function tests

Press the standard state of ventilation, record moisture money. Then, the ventilation mode is selected for the A / C + Sigh, will
The upper pressure limit is set to the maximum degree of observed simulated lung expansion and airway pressure peak, starting from the second set breathing, lung simulator appears once at least 1.5 times the tidal volume sigh, sigh once every 60 thereafter.

6.   SPONT function tests

Function selection SPONT, trigger pressure set-0.2kPa, wear masks inspiratory airway pressure when the patient inhales
Below the trigger pressure value (-0.2kPa) breathing machine should be aspirated; ventilator inspiratory time to set the frequency and breathing than the conversion time, or airway pressure rises when patients stop breathing the about 6cmH2O ventilator turned breath, waiting for the next patient autonomy inhale.