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PODOGENIUS - baropodometric platform

PODOGENIUS is a new pressure platform which allows you to analyse plantar pressure data while walking. The footprints of the left and right foot are measured by the platform and processed by the software which creates color maps of the mean plantar pressure.

Podogenius comes with a database of reference plantar pressures from 10 populations with healthy feet, divided according to sex and age.

The software performs advanced analysis of the pressure data using proprietary algorithms which calculate, almost automatically, a number of clinical parameters for classifying the biomechanics of the feet.

The clinical parameters obtained, together with the plantar pressure distribution, permit instrumental, objective classi–cation of the foot. This is made possible by the database of reference
footprints, which allows the assessment of how far the foot examined deviates from a typical, morphologically and functionally normal foot without pathologies, on a statistical basis.

The baropodometric-based biomechanical assessment of the foot performed by Podogenius also allows you to choose the most suitable insole for your feet from an existing catalogue. 


- Single software contains a database of reference plantar pressure data divided according to age and sex;
- Extremely easy to use with intuitive graphical user interface;
- Automatically calculates the main clinical and morphological parameters of the foot on a baropodometric basis;
- Complete solution from analysis to insole prescription;
- The reduced thickness of the platform prevents alteration of the balance in the static and walking tests of the subject.