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Phototherapy 520
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Phototherapy 520

o Unit consist of fluorescent lamps: blue light lamps mounted in a canopy (code 05a) or Led (code 05b)
o Spectral output: Therapeutic range at wavelength range 420 - 480nm
o Parameters settings, alarms and indications basing upon Lcd TFT digital display
o Dual timing system keeps track of patient exposure time, lamp life cycle and residual lamp time
o Auxiliary white led for new-born inspection with separate switch
o Skin temperature control on display (optional)
o Free standing unit based on 4 -wheels conductive roller-stand, 4 lockable castors
o Height adjustment from 1400 m to 1600 mm. device to fit the unit snugly over incubator or bed
o 05a Blue light lamps 18W Radiancy:> 20 microW/cm2/nm 60 cm distance (40 microW/cm2/nm 40 cm distance)
Code 05b Intensive Phototherapy 
o High power blue led 1,5W
o Adjustment : high irradiance mode: 50/60 microW/cm2/nm - low irradiance mode: 30/40 microW/cm2/nm
o Zero UV emissions
o Lamp life cycle: lamps 2500 h code 05a - led >20000 h code 05b
o Power supply: 120V/220V + 10%/50Hz
o Size : 330x765x1600 H mm.